We provide services to people who are dependent on others,
their families and to society through an excellent platform, comprising assistance with care at home and at specialist centres,
delivered a team of qualified employees who are passionate about and committed to their professions.


To be held as a benchmark of innovation and excellence
determined to be of assistance
which strives to improve the wellbeing and enhance the quality of life
of people, families and society.

Corporate values


We believe in what we do and we do it with enthusiasm, creating an entrepreneurial workplace, which is motivational, collaborative and offers mutual support to create confidence.


Our commitment is obvious in the way we act and identify with people who are dependent on others and their families. It is an attitude that extends to the communities where we are present.


We are a group of people who work for people. We stand out and want to be outstanding for the respect, quality, sensitivity our closeness to those for whom we help and care.


We work and act with clear, professional criteria and objectives, which are known and shared by all, auditing our professional and business practices above and beyond legal requirements..

Quality and innovation

We include and implement continuous improvements in our work processes, centres and facilities and in the organisation and provision of all our services for the benefit of those who we serve and care for.